Terms & Conditions of Sale

  1. Goods remain the property of Malibongwe Auto-Parts Pty Ltd until fully paid for.
  2. Malibongwe Auto-Parts Pty Ltd makes nor gives any warranties on goods sold. These warranties are supported by the manufacturer and their conditions, therefore, Malibongwe Auto-Parts Pty Ltd shall not be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, reliant, special or punitive damages.
  3. The following parts will only be considered for warranty if the replacement part is fitted by a workshop or auto-electrical shop registered with the registrar of companies: All engine parts including water pump, oil pump, timing belt and tensioner and hydraulic lifters.
  4. The onus lies with the technician to check that the parts supplied are correct for the specific vehicle application.
  5. Parts and goods that have been fitted are not returnable.
  6. Batteries can only be checked for warranty purposes if the battery is full charged. Discharged (flat) batteries cannot be checked. Batteries that have been overcharged or where the terminals have been damaged, cannot be replaced under warranty.
  7. Starters and other components occasionally need to be checked by the distributor or manufacturer. This will retard the warranty replacement process.
  8. Parts returned after 10 working days will incur a 10% handling fee.